Hear the buzz of a virtual sales floor
Nooks is a virtual office and dialer for your sales team to make calls together and get more conversations with prospects.
💪 Motivate your reps with live feedback and gamification between calls
☎️ Get more connects with our native power and parallel dialer
📈 Improve call conversion by making sales a team sport
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Ramp reps faster on your virtual sales floor

Onboarding remote is hard. At Nooks, we make it a breeze by helping reps learn from each other, simply by just hanging out in Nooks and overhearing the office chatter.
Take calls while in a Nooks room
Overhear background chatter
Start a conversation to share learnings
Take calls as if you were sitting next to each other

Nooks integrates with tools like Zoom, Outreach, and SalesLoft to automatically share your live status (e.g. "In a Zoom meeting") so you can stay connected with your team.

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Overhear background chatter and listen in

Feel the buzz of an office environment by overhearing other tables and conversations people are having live. If something piques your interest, you can easily listen in.

Don't worry we automatically lower the background chatter when you're talking to a prospect.

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Start a conversation and ask a question or share learnings

Just got off a call with a prospect and need to get something off your chest? In Nooks, starting a conversation with someone is as easy as a single click. Use the time after calls to crack a joke, ask a question, or share learnings.

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Welcome to Nooks where working together is fast & fun

Remember how you turned around and asked a co-worker a question? Nooks lets you feel the energy of the office online.

🔥 New Power & Parallel Dialer

Get more connects, faster

The Nooks dialer automates detecting bad numbers, leaving voicemails, and dials up to 10 numbers at once, so you can spend more time in actual conversations with prospects.

Integrates with your CRM so you can get set up in minutes.


Nooks users are saying:

The ROI was a no-brainer

My reps absolutely love hopping on Nooks to do group calling sessions.
After just one month, calls per day increased between 50-100% for each rep.
We've also seen a measurable increase in connect to meeting conversion rate that has helped my team book more meetings. It's a no-brainer.
Josh Roth
VP of Commercial Sales at Lob

Nooks helped our team become closer

Nooks is an exciting way for our team members to bond and make real, lasting connections while working remotely.
Vijay Tella

Most amazing platform!

"WOW - Nooks is the most amazing platform! Nooks just wow!!! If you are looking for an amazing tool for teaming or hosting events, this one is it!!!"
Nana Gregg
VFP Consulting

Finally, some real innovation!

"OMG! Nooks is an amazing platform for remote meetings!  I've been waiting this entire pandemic for someone to innovate in this space. Finally!"
Fred Tchang
Systech International

Gong SDR Manager

Taylor Kain-Godoy

"Nooks has been a breath of fresh air for this team."

"It's this direct-feedback, organic type of learning that can't be replicated anywhere but Nooks."


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