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3 Ways to Increase Call Connects: According to Data

Left to their own devices, your team might be more focused on call volume than quality conversations. Here’s a few things to consider about increasing their connection rates.

How Embroker Completely Changed Their Workday Using Nooks

"Nooks totally changed my calendar. All the back to back meetings are gone, because we just sorted things out with a quick impromptu chat in Nooks!" - Chris Neil, VP @ Embroker‍

You Are What You Eat #TeamLunch

Have a Virtual Lunch with Your Coworkers- On Us!

Why Isn’t Remote Work Living up to Expectations?

The remote workplace shouldn’t be just “fine” … we were sold on a much grander vision than that!

Nooks, a Tool for the New Workforce

I’ve worked at some of the best tech companies in the world: Microsoft, Salesforce and Google. But I learned new things working for a tiny startup called Nooks that came from new grads of the Stanford CS department.

Nooks raises $5M to build a faster, more human way to work

Nooks announces $5M in seed funding to build a virtual office that provides remote & hybrid teams a faster, more human way to work together (1 min explainer). Learn more from our feature in TechCrunch.

If I Could Go Back in Time, I'd Bring Nooks with Me

Today is the official product launch (check it out on TechCrunch!), but I’ve had the benefit of Nooks since mid-May when I joined the team as a Nookangelist (a Nooks Evangelist).
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